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Ivan4sure ~ Cider // Szputnyik shop mentored

Projects Fenntartható Divat Ivan4sure Fall/Winter Press

At the end of October, we were able to work with Attila Prokopp, a young talent that revived Ivan4sure. We would like to congratulate you on the video clip!

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Halloween igazi színe: fekete!

The true color of Halloween: Black!

Sale Fashion Fenntartható Divat Halloween Fall/Winter Style Tips

In Hungary, in the last few years, we can observe the real spread of the American holiday, Halloween. More and more schoolchildren are adopting this habit and the masquerade, which enlivens the carnival atmosphere, has also become very popular among adults.

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-30%-os Monster SALE | Őszi készletkisöprés

-30% Monster SALE | Autumn stock sweep

Sale Fashion Events Fenntartható Divat Halloween Fall/Winter

Grab your broom and buy it with a 30% discount in our shop or webshop on Dohány Street, where we also deliver your order to your home free of charge in Hungary over HUF 20,000!

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In October, the team of collected the most ironic and beautiful pieces for lovers of hoodies. Our Frida Kahlo product was also on the list. Thank You!

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