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Where to find treasures? - last-minute shopping spots in Budapest

ELTE PPK HÖK - We all get caught up - it's a frustrating situation. We are in a hurry, we rush, but we don't want to run to the nearest mall. We want something unique and special for our loved ones. Do you know the situation? I'll show you my favourite treasure boxes in town! Panni's top 6 places when it comes to gifts!

The problem with the holidays is usually that we know they're coming, but at the same time, it's too soon and unexpected to realise: shit, I've saved up all the presents for my friends, family, relatives, colleagues, BUT (and this is a huge, forehead-slapping "but") there's still that dear someone I forgot (oh no I didn't forget, I just haven't got around to it yet) to buy a present for. I love visiting places all year round where I can find unique and special little (or not so little) things that support local and small businesses! In case you need to get your city on your back, this article will be a lifeline for you!
(Warning: you will be a returning customer. I warned you, don't tell me I didn't.)
Szputnyik press - ELTE PPK HÖK