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Christmas gift guide from Szputnyik's angels!

Karácsonyi ajándékötletek a Szputnyik angyalaitól!

Lately, we shared with you the gift guides of the Szputnyik guys, but now we brought you the ladies to present themselves and their favourite products from the stores!
Take a look at their tips!


The head of Szputnyik shop

Favourite movie: Roberto Bengini: Life is Beautiful
Favorite food: Vegetarian tagine
Favorite book: Endre Fejes: Generation of rust
Favorite place in Budapest: Fellini Római Kultúrbosztro
What is your favorite thing about Szputnyik? ...What the most annoying is at the same time, that I get to do it with my husband. :)

"I like black, because its forever and fits everyone. Matches everything and suits every occasion. We can alwasy make it more interesting and fresh with accessories however we like it. There is no need to further accessorise a pair of leather pants, since it is very elegant and unique on its own.

Goog quality, soft faux leather vests and coats are my ultimate favorites. I'd make them compulsory for all women."

Black leather vintage backpack: € 67 (You can have it in D20)
Black leather vintage pants: € 27 (You can have it in D20)
Tricolo faux fur vintage vest€ 25,50 (You can have it in D20)


Project coordinator (advanced unicorn tamer)

 Favourite movie: Mr. Nobody
The most memorable conert: Hurts@ SZIGET, 2011. They were not that big yet to perform on the main stage so they had a concert on a little stage with a string orchestra. I guess everybody cried at least once during the performance. 
Favourite book: Antal Szerb - Journey by Moonlight
What time would you live in the most?: In the future, when tolerance and humanity are basic, general values.
Where would you travel to the most?: to Disney World in Orlando.

"I prefer special, not mass produced items that will not come across the street. I picked the vintage sweater because it is not only preserving a piece of the past, but it can make your outfit unique. It could be a perfect gift for Chistmas to someone who loves special clothes.
We have tons of patches so it was difficult to pick only one so I recommend you to check all of them in the stores or on webshop. They can be perfect gifts for anyone!
Nowadays It can't cause a problem to find out someone's favourite band so a band top can be the jackpot of gifts. You can give someone a personalised present even if you don't know them so well.


Vintage sweater: €17
You can find it on our webshop:
Band tanktop: €17
You can have it here:
Shell patch: €10
You can have it here:


Online sales manager (our local crazy cat woman)

Most memorable concert: Massive Attack @ Sziget 2003.
Who would you like to meet the most?: Jacques Tati
Favourite book: anything from Hrabal.
What time would you live in the most?: in Paris, during the french new wave.
Favourite band: Primus

"The backpack colud be the perfect choice for a shorter country trip. I have one too, in black and it can be filled amazingly.
I'm trying to be more and more enviromentally conscious, that's why I picked the vintage scarf, in one hand it's beautiful and on the other hand It can be used as a wraping material to save paper. The vintage feeling and the recycling are bot5h very important to me.
Who wouldn't be amused by the pins of Hungarian Ornithological and Nature Conservation Society? They are gorgeous and support a good case."

Vintage scarf: €10
You can have it here:
Pin: €2/ each (You can get them in D20 and K22 stores.)
More information about the pins:
Navy blue backpack: €60
You can find more colors on the webshop:



Creative assistant (the proud daughter of Lake Balaton)


Favourite movie: Trainspotting
Favourite place in Budapest: Vittula
The most memorable concert: Blur @Sziget 2013.
Favourite book: the novels of Géza Csáth
Favourite band: Fidlar


"I have a lot of friends who are huge cat fans and we have this top in a male version too so it can be a perfect choice for everyone.
The shiny skirt is one of my favourites: I'm in love with the glossy materials, It can fit for a Christmas or for a New Year's Eve outfit too. It can be worn in many ways.
The little bag with pizza print is probably the best last minute gift, because who wouldn't love the pizza?"


Black tanktop: €17
You can have it here: 
Little bag: €14
You can have it here:
Shiny miniskirt: €20 (You can have it in the Dohány street)



Shop manager of Szputnyik K22 (the easy scooter rider) 


Favourite movie: Some like it hot
Favourite book: Milan Kundera- The Farewell Waltz
What time would you live in the most?: When there was an amusement park in Budapest.
What's your favourite thing in connection with Szputnyik Shop?: The friendships.
What celebrity would you meet the most?: With Ms. Valerie Frizzle from The Magic School Bus.


"'I love the holidays, especially Christmas. That's why I picked the hat with the sequinnes that reminds me of the atmosphere of the holiday, just as the fluffy skirt that is warm, soft and elegant at the same time. 
The notebook can be very practical, small but useful gift . It can be found with so many prints that it was a hard decision to choose only one."

Little note: €10
You can have it here:
Fluffy skirt: €24 (You can find it in both of our stores.)
Vintage hat with pailettes: €12 (You can find it in the K22)


Content marketing assistant (never-ending student)


The most memorable concert: Fidlar @ Sziget
Best place in Budapest: Vittula
Favourite book: Mikhail Bulgakov- Master and Margarita
Where would you travel to the most?: Montréal, Canada
Favourite movie: Clockwork Orange



"I can easily obsess over a few brands, for example the Swedish Fjallraven or the British Dr. Martens. The main reason behind it is that the products are so high quality that wearing them is a pleasure for me. 
My other recent passion is the velvet that I believe are the must haves of 2017 and 2018. Many people don't like it, it's a taboo for them but I really adore this material. That is why I picked these trousers, they can be the cherry on top of your outfit with this color and texture."


Black Fjallraven beanie: €40
You can find it here:
Purple velvet trousers: €27 (You can find them in both of our stores)
Dr. Martens sandal: €47 (You can have it in D20)


Salesman (Dog crazy)

Favourite book: Stephen King- Cell
The most memorable concert: System of a Down @ Novarock 2017
Where would you travel to the most?: To Norway to see the Northern lights.
Favourite band: System of a Down
Favourite colour: pastel pink

"I picked the gymbag because it can be the perfect accessory for a casual outfit but still can make your look unique.
With a favourite band T-shirt we can make anybody happy because you just can't have enough of them. If you wear it with a velvet skirt like that, your outfit can be more feminine and gorgeous."

Faux leather gymbag: €30 (You can find them in both of our stores.)
Vintage velvet skirt: €14 (You can have it in D20)
Black band T-shirt: €20 (You can find them in both of our stores.)


If you were inspired by the girls' gift guide, visit our stores at D20 or K22 for the treasures, or scroll on the webshop for the other special items!

You can check the webshop here: