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Getting in the Christmas mood - How we prepare for Christmas

Get your Christmas preparations underway with us, and we'll help you make sure everything runs smoothly. Our webshop and shop are Christmas-themed, with all the goodies, where you can surprise your favourite people with truly unique gifts. What's more, the following sets will inspire you to make sure you have the perfect set for gift opening. We've got everything from Christmas ugly baubles to pretty blouses.

Szputnyik Karácsony

We know what it's like when you're desperately trying to find the best pieces for your loved ones in the hustle and bustle. But with us, you can slow down and focus on yourself again. All you need to do is focus on the clothes and expressing your individuality, and you can shut out the outside world for the time you're here.

Karácsonyi készülődés

And you should know that it's cool to gift vintage pieces nowadays, so they don't have to be just for you. Feel free to gift a second-hand shirt, blouse or shoes to the family, for example. And if you know the recipient has an interest in the environment, sustainability and unique fashion, then second-hand items are a must! They will love them!

Karácsonyi készülődés a Szputnyikkal

But of course you can also choose from a selection of new clothes. What's more, you'll find plenty of accessories in the shop that can easily make great gifts. Stay tuned, because in the next blog posts we'll be showcasing our cool and cute accessories, and you're sure to find your favourite.

Szputnyik Karácsony

At this precise moment, we must say a few words about our Christmas sweaters, because you will find hundreds of unique pieces. And if you know that your present recipient loves Christmas and the hygge lifestyle, you can't go wrong with a reindeer knitted jumper and Christmas socks combo.

Szputnyik Karácsony

And if you're looking for something really extra, don't hesitate to browse our most extreme vintage treasures, because there's always a really special piece to be found, and it's not uncommon to find luxury brands on the shelves, making them perfect gifts for fashion lovers.

Szputnyik Karácsony

We also have a wide range of cute little things, from the cool Many Mornings socks to a gummy bear earring-ring-necklace set that a true gummy bear fan will love.

Szputnyik Karácsony

And, as always, our embroiderers and embroiderers are a sure-fire gift and will always add a touch of class to a set, and with hundreds of pieces to choose from, you're sure to find the one that best suits the person.

Szputnyik Karácsony

And above all, we wish all our customers a peaceful Christmas, happy working days, lots of relaxation and a wonderful treasure hunt!

Szputnyik Karácsony

Check us out in the Christmas rush to find the best gifts, or get inspired by our sets to look your best in vintage and new clothes this holiday season.


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