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Christmas sweaters in every quantity and pattern

The Christmas sweater revolution never ends! They will forever remain be great that fit perfectly under the Christmas tree, and of course, they're a great choice to sit around the Christmas table in one of these truly wintery pieces. We've sorted the collections by pattern to help you pick your favourites.

16th of December will be ugly sweater world day!!! Get yours and show those around you what real Christmas spirit is all about!

Below, we've sorted the sweaters by pattern so you can see which one is your favorite. Everything from animals to lettering is here. But you can only see the full collection on the webshop. Click here to browse there too.

Our first category will be the wonderful Christmas trees!

You'll find all kinds of minimalist, bright, shiny and even grainy wood. If you're not satisfied with just decorating the tree, you can get a decorative Christmas tree for yourself.

Karácsonyi pulcsik - Karácsonyfa

Here come the unmissable deer!
Rudolf is the main figure of the Christmas reindeer. With his red nose, big horns and wide-open eyes, he'll be the cutest animal you can get for Christmas.

Karácsonyi pulcsi - Szarvasok

Santa Claus!!!!
The most important figure of Christmas (at least in the American culture), with his red dress, big beard and hat, he is not to be confused with anyone else. Your favourite Santa sweater can now be displayed under the Christmas tree.

Karácsonyi pulcsi - Mikulás

Snowmen - where the world is divided into two camps
Someone loves snow and as soon as the first snowflakes fall, they rush out into nature, make a sledge and build a snowman. And then there are those who hate it, see it as just another problem and wait for it to melt. If you're in the first group, decorating your outfit with a snowman is definitely a good idea, we've seen so little snow lately anyway.

Karácsonyi pulcsi - Hóember

Ringlets and Christmas scenes
The easiest way to evoke the Christmas spirit is with fingerprints and winter landscapes. Plus, they're usually not as ostentatious as some of the larger designs, so they're perfect even if you're avoiding the fuss.

Karácsonyi pulcsi - Téli tájak

Fun inscriptions
You're the family clown and always bring the best jokes in the family? Then add to the fun and wear funny signs.

Karácsonyi pulcsi - Feliratok

And if you want to see the full Christmas collection, click here!

Eat and buy, now that the smell of bejgli has already hit our noses, it's time to get your favourite patterned knitted sweaters for yourself. Not much left to do now. Take advantage of the last few opportunities. The sweaters you see here are all available in our online shop, while stocks last. And there are plenty more in the shop too.