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A Wizz Magazin a Szputnyik shopot ajánlja

Wizz Air airline's on-board magazine aims to guide travelers in the big cities of the world. In their Best of Hungary section they recommend the best restaurants, stores and events in our beautiful country. For the second year in a row, we made the list. 

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Best of Hungary a Wizz Magazinban

They wrote: 

"Fashionistas will find chic vintage designs and cool original clothes at Szputnyik a small, independent chain of shops that celebrate the best styles.
These boutiques stock everything from extravagant dresses, limited edition desings and the most popular global brands like TOMS, PAEZ, Fjallraven and Dr. Martens. Szputnyik’s two shops both follow one rule: garments can be old or new, but they must have character. You can find two Szputnyik shops in Budapest: on Király Street and Dohány Street. Customers can also order online."