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Autumn Must Haves with 20% off!

It's time to say goodbye to summer and pack up our bathing suits, however, when it comes to fashion, the most exciting season is still upon us! 

Layered, colorful dressing that is a must during autumn, is a perfect opportunity for experimenting with different materials, shapes, patterns and styles. Here are our favorite looks and must-have pieces for the next season. You get to have them for 20% less during autumn Glamour-days in both of our stores and online! 

Just a little longer

Your favorite summer styles turned into fall essentials always look great. This is the case with the hit look of summer 2017, wide, loose-legged pants. You don't have to say goodbye to your new favorite style for a year, you just have to get a longer piece, so it keeps you warm enough in the colder weather. Get a long sleeved version of everything you like to wear, since you'll love wearing them as well!

A trusted friend

One of the most important things about a fall wardrobe is the jacket. Since this is the piece you'll be wearing most this season, you don't want one that can be seen on countless other people, do you? Get a vintage leather, faux-leather, denim or textile jacket from our vintage treasury! These pieces are not only unique and stylish, but they'll also keep you warm. This year we have a surprise for you: we also offer brand new, limited edition Herschel raincoats to help you get through rainy days.

Warm hugs

We know that fall is romantic, but early sunsets bring the cold - therefore layered dressing is the key this season. It doesn't matter how you feel under those layers, though. It's not enough to layer heavy and warm materials on eachother, since you might not be cold, bot you won't be able to move either. Choose soft and fuzzy pieces that are nice to wear while keeping warm. Check our soft and warm selection at our stores and online.

Be extra

We always emphasize how important accessories are, however, during autumn they're even more crucial for a stylish and practical outfit since they're not only an addition to your look, but also help you fight cold mornings and chilly nights. You can find many warm, oversize unisex scarves and hats at Szputnyik! Moreover, after their huge succes last year we have restocked warm, knitted Fjallraven hats as well! 

Out of the water

Autumn weather is unpredictable, it's not recommended to leave the house without the right shoes on. You might get wet along the way, so you have to make sure your socks stay dry while walking through the puddles. Either you prefer heels, flats, sporty or Martens you will find what you are looking for in our vintage selection!

The changing of the seasons may affect your health as well as wour wealth, so we created this list for you to be able to choose the most suitable pieces that can keep you warm and make you feel better. And how are we taking care of the money part? Well, of yourse with the coupon you can find in the October issue of Glamour magazine Hungary with which you get to shop at our stores and online store with 20% off! Find out more here: