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All about vintage Levi's pieces

Levi's jeans and denim jackets have conquered the world. Today, we see them every day. Especially when it comes to vintage pieces. It can be quite a treasure hunt to find a more special piece. We're going to give you some tips on how to choose the right pieces and what you need to know about the brand before you buy.

What is denim? 

Here's the science behind your favourite stuff... Denim is a durable cotton weave that is created when dense fibres are spun together to give it that familiar thick texture. The fabric is then dyed - traditionally with indigo, but it can be any colour - and is now worn in a variety of ways. Denim originated in Nimes, France, but over the years it has been adopted by many countries, including America, and has become a fashion classic. During the American gold rush, gold miners needed durable clothing and Levi Strauss saw a niche market. Thus was born the brand that is still popular today.

Levi's history

The good old 501 jeans. The etalon piece that is unforgettable. This cut suits everyone and works wonders with the figure. Button fly, straight leg, mid rise cut. Part of the cute cut comes from the fact that the back of the 501 is cut wider than the front. This means that the fabric in the back wraps around this part to give the bottom a lift. The waistline of the 501 also curves down from the back to the front, keeping the waist at the right angle, giving a nice curve to the body here too.

Levi's 501 history

Old School pieces: Authentic vintage Levi's jeans are jeans made before 1970. You can easily check the genuine vintage of your jeans with this simple trick: look for the red label and check for a capital 'E' for LEVI's. If so, you've got a winner, because you've found a real vintage treasure. Styles from the 80's and 90's are great too, so don't limit yourself to the capital "E".

Vintage Levi's jeans

Vintage jeans shopping tips:

1. Finding the perfect size in trousers is not easy, especially with vintage jeans. It's not enough to just look at the size when buying, as these are second-hand and old pieces. And when worn, the fabric will stretch and adjust and not take the exact same shape as a new pair. But at least you won't have to "break in" the trousers!
2. Did you know that black jeans will always be tighter than blue?
3. Try it on! This is one of the basic rules. Without it, you're not going anywhere. Maybe the jeans that you didn't like on the hanger will look best on you. You never know!
4. Most styles defy gender! But jeans are tailored differently for men and women, so a size 30 man will look different in the same piece than a size 30 woman. Keep this in mind when shopping for vintage jeans. Many women say that if you are trying on jeans for men, you need to buy one size bigger because you need a wider size at the hips.

+1 Every time you choose vintage jeans over new, you save 36 showers of water. Stylish and sustainable at the same time!

Wearing jeans

What's that little pocket on the front of Levi's for?

The functionality and purpose of the small pocket on the front of Levi's is often questioned. It was originally designed for cowboys and lumberjacks to keep their pocket watches in. Later, matches and lighters were slipped into it. Today, it is often left empty, and the most that ends up in it is change or a chocolate wrapper.Vintage Levi's jacket

But the vintage pieces aren't just jeans, there are plenty of great Levi's jackets, but there's no shortage of t-shirts and shirts either. Check us out and find the pieces that suit you best.

Levi's ingek

Levi's pólók

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See you in your newest Levi's piece!