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The favorite local designers of Szputnyik!

Fashion Projects Style Tips Spring/Summer New Arrivals

The best choice to impact our environment is to choose the local brands and support their art and ideas.

We highlight to the Hungarian designers that not only creating amazing and sustainable products but also bring groundbreaking ideas to the nowadays. The priority is on designers who use upcycled and recycled materials to create and give new life to old things.


Viktoria Bán also known as Smörgas rethink IKEA bags and creates something amazing new. Just as from the unnecessary chips, vegetables or parking fee packs that reborn in new little cases.

The social responsibility is very important to Viki like the acceptance and equality so she creates colorful pins also to promote these lovely thoughts.

You can find the products here online.


The Pest Side Story has just arrived to our stores that represent the view, the vibes and the colorful nights of Budapest through their unique graphics. The notes not only decorated from the outside but you can also find many lovely art inside too to inspire you in every hour.

You can find the products here online.


Ertz brings the bicycle culture and the sustainable fashion under roof with their bags. You can find two types of their bumbags that reuse different parts and even cassettes in a very creative way. Search for the unique design in different colors on the webshop!

You can find the products here online. 


Peter Mészáros Moha is a designer lives in Budapest. Since 2010 He creates his own graphics into little frames and other gift ideas.His art represent mostly human characters and the buildings of Budapest.

The Moha pictures are available in stores.

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