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Enviromental awareness in 2018 too! - February is the month of bird feeding

We're heading to spring from the big colds but in February we still have to pay attention to those little animals who can't take care of themself: the birds. This month is about the feeding of birds worldwide when the animal protection organizations try to aware people to the weather and to the birds who cannot have enough victuals in the winter.

The creed of Szputnyik shop are the environs and animal protection so we'd like to promote this movement  to make enviromental awarness more popular!

It's been years that we're selling the pins of Hungarian Ornothological and Nature Conservation Society that are available for you in return for a 500 HUF (approx. 2,5 Euros) donation to the organisation. They work on raising awareness to the endangered species and the protection of our environment throughout. A good cause through stylish and sophisticated accessories.

To the birdmaniacs we brought you some of our special birdy pieces. They're known about their colorful, multicolored feathers what we really prefer so  we encourage you to leave the boring grizzle and bloom in color cavalcade!

Embroidered bomber jacket: € 50
Blouse: € 20

The pastel colors are pretty elegant and low-key but still ebodying the modern way to cheer up you day and to bring color and happiness to the winter grizzle. In 2018 the most popular colors were and still gonna be the very different tones of green, especially the mint green. They are going to get a big role in the spring collections. They are totally completed by any tones of powder pink to make perfect you outfit.

Patch: € 4
Purse: € 14
Top with flamingo: € 12
Blouse with flamingo: € 20
Embroidered bomber jacket: € 50

If you are comfy in the black, minimalist monochrome then we've prepared you with some unique stuffes: to be honest, the prestige and respect commanding bird are mostly "dressed" in black like night.

Copper earings: € 4
Sweateri: € 30
Dress: € 20
Top: € 12

Scroll our webshop's animal selection where you can find more items with birds!

Start 2018 with good deeds to make the rest happy!


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