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Many Mornings socks in Szputnyik shop!

A totally new global brand has moved into the shops, the Polish Many Mornings.

The brand was founded in 2014 when a few creative designer dreamed the concept of miss-matched socks. It was pioneer in Europe.

A year later, they opened their very first shops in Amsterdam, Netherlands. After the Many Mornings won all the important design awards as possible to become known in the fashion industry.

In 2017 they took the social responsibilities very seriously and created the Share a Pair campaign where the brand donates sock to the people in need. Since 2017 they already give away more then 100,000 pair of socks to poor people. After that they made a lift and the brand donate 5% of your total annual profit to charity.

Scroll though our gallery with full of lovely and amazing Many Mornings socks that are available in Szputnyik shops and on webshop!