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This is how you can recognize the faux Levi's products!

Fashion News Levi's Fall/Winter Vintage

In the last few years, the falsification of the global brands' products is highly rised, given opportunity to take bad quality items to the stores on the same names. The low-quality products makes borders to the sustainability and vintage fashion because the people choose these products for their timeless style.

In Szputnyik shops, we want to provide clothes that not only last for only one season but be your partner for years so they have to jump important stairs of quality. Now we introduce you what little details you have to pay attention to in case of denim clothes to miss being the victim of falsification.

With some basic tricks, you can make sure if they are original items or not.


If we are investigating the high-quality denim products the strech materials are very rare. They are thick, densely woven, strong denims all the time that last for even 10 years in many occassion. It is hard to make a hole in to the materials at any part.


The Levi's products have an iconic tag and code on it (for example 505) that belongs to a certain style. If you know enough the style that you're looking for and its number then you can compare these two to each other. If they do not match then they are probably falsifications.


In case of high-quality, original products, make sure that you check the suture of items because it speaks a lot about the products. The suture has to be straight, steady and it is thicker in many times then on the false ones. Check everytime the suture around the buttons, tags and pockets because it can betray its place of origin.


The zipper has to move easily on the clothes and it's important to feel its weight. The global brands do not save money on the little accessories that's why the weight of the zipper is important. They usually choose matte pieces that hamonize to the other details.


We have to pay attention to the logo in case of every Levi's product. On the original items the tags are made of real leather and every paralel side is fixed with the same amount of stitch. The brand tag has to be perfect! It cannot be neither slant, nor jagged.
You should read the text on the tags carefully, looking for the mistakes or the mixing up of letters. It is highly recommended to check the style of letters and the position of words because they can be important signs in case of falsification.

Place of purchase

You can easily dodge the replicas if you buy these items in reliable places. In Szputnyik, it's important to us to keep the vintage feeling and it's unmissable to spread the renown of high quality, branded products.

Choose the quality, choose the sustainable! Visit the Szputnyik shops for the original pieces!

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