♻️ Plastic Free July - The road to a more liveable tomorrow ♻️

♻️ Plastic Free July - The road to a more liveable tomorrow ♻️

Summer outing, picnic or garden party? Instead of fast food, choose products that will keep you going to the best events time and time again!

The amount of pollution our society produces has become an increasingly pressing issue and problem in recent years. Plastic Free July has tried to raise awareness of this and encourage everyone to leave our harmful habits behind.
We have a responsibility to take action at an individual level to tackle the looming climate catastrophe, but the only way to do this effectively is to change our lifestyles and consumption habits, not just in July, but all year round!
We've brought you some ways to reduce your ecological footprint in fashion and it's important not to forget the importance of this topic during your holiday!

Organic materials
Many people don't think about it, but even in our clothes we can encounter plastic that is strangling the planet. Avoid synthetic fibre pieces, because apart from being poor quality, they are not skin-friendly and the manufacturing process is extremely harmful.

Replace it!
All change starts small, like no more plastic bags at the checkout, in grocery stores or clothing shops. Always have your own canvas bag handy to take home the products you buy.

Eco-conscious global brands and local designers
When choosing a new product, it's important to consider its durability and environmental impact. That's why we tend to recommend the technologically advanced global brands that have been around for decades, because their products are durable and their production is already more environmentally friendly thanks to economical and gentle innovations. Choose from Birkenstock, Fjallraven, TOMS or PAEZ!

And if you'd like to support local small producers and reduce the pollution caused by transport, try to choose eco-conscious designers. One such designer is the Smörgas brand, which creates its super fashionable and unique products from recycled materials.

Explore our selection and holiday mindfully!

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