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The best faux fur coats for 2020

January means the beginning of the seemingly endless winter days, it's always cold and we don't feel like leaving home, at all. Here's a way of coping with the cold: check out our huge unique vintage coat collection!
We're here to show you our favorite designs and help you find the one fitting you the most!

Every woman should have one faux fur coat in their wardrobe! You can wear it in either an edgy or in a sophisticated way.

Moreover, these pieces keep you warm in the extreme cold and look great at the same time.

We have a huge selection of different colors, textures and styles!

You can find many styles in the shops, from the short versions through the midi until the long styles. Choose the one that matches you the most and shine bright also in the winter!

We could not forget about the guys neither because our collection is full of cool and awesome unique coats too. Discrete colors, exciting textures and details make the weather more lovely.

Visit our Szputnyik shops for more unique vintage treasures!

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