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Native Shoes - Keep it Lite!

Fashion Native Shoes Fall/Winter Style Tips New Arrivals

One of our old friend has returned in the autumn season to the shop and webshop! This is the Native with its beautiful boots to show you a whole new dimension!

Native Fitzsimmons Citylite - Alpine Yellow: 34.990  HUF

The brand was founded in Vancouver, Canada in 2009 where a group of young people decided to bring a new color to the life of the fans of hiking and nature. They created the Native boots that have a special, innovative outlook but their materials are very light and comfy.

Native Fitzsimmons Treklite - Alpine Yellow: 34.990 

These footwear are called eva-shoes that are made of molded foam rubber to not to limit any opportunity. The materials resist the vicissitudes of weather and waterproof.

Native Fitzsimmons Citylite - Bell Blue: 34.990 

The Native boots are the symbols of innovative, progressive and creative thinking to reinterpret the boots. The upshot a super light, stylish but durable footwear that works perfectly in the winter in the cities and also on the hiking tours too.

Native Johny Treklite - Chameleon Pink: 34.990 

The Native boots are available in 15 different colors in Szputnyik shops to find the perfect one to your wardrobe.

Native Fitzsimmons Citylite - Jiffy Black: 34.990 

Follow the values of the Canadian footwear and get your own Native from the Szputnyik shop or the webshop!

Native Fitzsimmons Treklite - Jiffy Black: 34.990 

Native Fitzsimmons Citylite - Rose Pink: 34.990 

Native Fitzsimmons Citylite - Shade Green: 34.990 

Native Fitzsimmons Citylite - Shale Grey: 34.990 

Native Fitzsimmons Citylite - Taro Purple: 34.990 

Native Fitzsimmons Citylite - Trench Blue: 34.990 

Native Fitzsimmons Citylite - True Red: 34.990 

Native Fitzsimmons Treklite - Utiliti Green: 34.990 

Native Fitzsimmons Treklite - Regatta Blue: 34.990 

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