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Don't miss you best ideas! - New notes in our stores

Füzetek és noteszek nagy választékban a Szputnyikban!

Do your most brilliant and most catchy ideas come when you have nothing to write in? What do you do when the graphic of your new tattoo just pops up and you have nothing to scrabble on? Do you just do some sketches on the train or bus to avoid boredom? Or you are you just into drawing and missing a notebook? Then this blog post is just perfect for you!

We've always tried to bring you the most special notebooks, however, now, we've put the cherry on top because you can find the widest scale of patterns, types to not to miss any important moments!

 Dive into your dream world!

Uikornisos füzetek a Szputnyikban

The unicorns are do exist! Write down you dream, your daydreams to save your candy-floss world! The lovely little notes are foldable with many different unicorn print.

Where is your lovely pet?

Kiscicás és kiskutyás noteszek a Szputnyikban

If you really wanna have your pet beside you, then it's just for you! These lovely cat and dog shaped notes are going to follow you through the tiring, hard days as your little pet.


Party like an animal! 

Jegyezd fel legmagvasabb vagy legviccesebb gondolataidat ezekbe a fantasztikus flamingós vagy cicás noteszbe. Szuper spirálozásának köszönhetően könnyen kezelhető, és akár a tavaszi farmerdzseki mellzsebében is tökéletesen elfér, hogy mindig kéznél lehessen. Figyeld meg a város szépségeit és vesd papírra!

Write your funniest or deepest thoughts into these animal printed notebooks. Easy to carry with you thanks to it's practical design, it fits into your pockets easily. Jot down your ideas on big city life!

Spice up your life!

Paprikás noteszek

These cute booklets are perfect for shopping lists just as well as for your favorite reipes. They're made of recycled paper that is bio-degradable.

Noah's arc

Mackós noteszeink

These limited edition beauties are the most unique pieces of the all! Get yourself a cute alpaca, a shiba doggo or a teddy bear now! They have cute graphics inside so you1ll never be sad when you open them.

Our animal palette includes bears too, these items are perfect to raise attention to the endangered polar bears. Life might be cruel but these nice notebooks will cheer you up for sure!

You can find even more booklets at our online store!


 Do not miss out on the important things in life, always have something to write or draw in! Find our cute notebooks online and at our stores!