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A palette of colours in your wardrobe

Summer is all about vibrant colours, bright hues and an endless array of combinations. We're immersed in the blue of the water, the mesmerising green of nature or the colourful palette of flowery meadows.

That's what this blog is all about, bringing you a small slice of our favourite colours that are sure to be the hottest for the 2021 season!

Orange combines the energy of red with the happiness of yellow. In its case, we think of joy, sunshine, palm trees.
Orange means enthusiasm, happiness, ecstasy, creativity, success and encouragement. Orange increases the amount of oxygen in the brain, stimulates and stimulates mental activity.
It's a striking colour, which is why designers love to use it.

The colour of moderation. A balance between earth and sky (the colour of the morning and evening sky), between reason and desire, between wisdom and emotion. Can signify intelligence, knowledge, religious devotion, holiness, humility, repentance, pain, nostalgia. In Roman times it was associated with Jupiter.

Symbolizes hope, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, honour, truth, and heaven. Blue is used in advertising, in symbols of purity, and in things related to air, water and flight.
Dark blue represents wisdom, expertise and stability; it is a favourable colour for expressing unity.

Perhaps the most controversial colour, it is difficult to remain indifferent to it. To love it is to do so with the same fervour as to hate it.
It is the colour of pure, romantic love. Pink represents softness, purity, intimacy and femininity. It also conveys affection, compassion, idealism and gratitude.

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