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Dress to the colors of Autumn!

Autumn is one of our most exciting months, as we can witness the total transformation of nature. It comes with a myriad of colors, moods and scents that mark the beginning of a new era.
We are worshiping this wonderful cavalcade of colors now in this blog where we have collected the most beautiful shades for you. 

Autumn is all about shades of brown and yellow. The yellowish and then brownish leaves of the green canopies will be the dominant features of nature, conquering both the catwalks and the shelves of clothing stores at this time of year. 

The brownish, nude shades dominated the trends throughout the year and it won’t be any different in the fall. In summer, the vibrant, vibrant shades prevailed, but with the arrival of autumn, they always take a little back. This is when the focus is on the favorite of the majority, the always elegant and all-encompassing black, but we will probably witness a dethronement in 2020. 

It can be easily combined with other colors and this shade does not limit the styles either. So it's a good choice!
In addition to the brownish shades, ocher yellow, orange and reddish shades appear, bringing a truly intimate and cozy atmosphere to everyday life.

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