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Autumn accessories to complete the picture

Complete your autumn outfit with a well-chosen accessory that will warm your body and soul at the same time. Sputnik's new autumn collection will help you stay stylish and ready for any adventure! And remember: always be yourself!

Let's start with berets that always look pretty and French. Don't you feel like a Parisian street fashion diva when you're wearing one of these hats? Because we sure do!
Composition: 70% acrylic and 30% angora wool, to not be only stylish, but keep warm too. 

Look at the many ways you can wear a scarf: loosely around your neck, thrown over your shoulders as a quasi-sweater, or wrapped around your head to keep your ears warm.

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Őszi sál kollekció

Sál kollekció

A harmonious set with autumnal colours will make a difference to your day and your confidence. So don't waste time choosing the perfect piece!

Take a look at our webshop, where you can now search by colour!

Vintage ing

With a well-chosen blouse, you can create a real vintage effect, as if you've just stepped out of a 50s movie. Just one piece of clothing can set the tone for your whole outfit, so don't be afraid to experiment with different pieces and accessories!

Vintage ingek

With necklaces for more sophisticated style. We often underestimate necklaces, and in the rush of everyday life we're happy to pick out a top, let alone other accessories. But they can add so much to your outfit, and they're sure to have a positive effect on your mood.

Nyakláncok - Őszi kiegészítők

Our vintage bags also go very well with the autumn sets. They mix it up and complement it. That's exactly what they do. And of course, they're made of real leather and they're from different Italian brands, so the quality is very good.

Vintage táskák

Vintage táska


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Come on! Embrace the colours of the falling leaves and connect with nature!