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Pouch Perfect!

Fashion ERTZ Fjallraven Fall/Winter Smörgas Style Tips New Arrivals

2017 marks the reappearance of the dreaded fanny packs. By 2018 it has arrived to Hungary as well, and now it's a must-have in an urban queen's closet. 

Unique holographic materials will help you to shine bright in the sunlight this summer. Only the essentials: phone, keys and a wallet and you are free to jump on the next tram into the city.


The collection has expanded not only with limited designer pieces, but big global brands too like Fjallraven.

ERTZ and Smörgas fanny packs are waiting for the lovers of recycled and sustainable fashion.

If you want to get your favorite, then visit our stores in Budapest and get your hands on one of the limited edition designs! 

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