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Our Exemplar: Frida Kahlo - Inspiration for Everyday Life

Fashion Frida Style Tips Spring/Summer New Arrivals

The coming period will be stressful and difficult for everyone, but we must not forget the inspirational, positive things! We need a role model in everyone's life, and we have prepared you for a difficult time with a perfect subject: he is none other than Frida Kahlo.

Closure, poorer days make everyone tense, but it's time to change our mindset and look at it as a kind of creative workshop or creative camp for the time ahead.

There was also a great talent in this, Frida, who, in spite of her fate, never ceased to create, and was able to keep in mind and motivate her colorful world.

Frida Kahlo's character in pop culture, fashion and fine arts has left a strong impression: her paintings continue to inspire many artists, and her spirit and expression beyond her age is exemplary for many.

Her emblematic style, which carries the splendor and diversity of the special Tehuana folk costume, has been with him throughout her life.

The traditional costumes were the traditional costume of Indians living in southern Mexico, characterized by over-decoration and a color palette. Frida's colorful, floral print, bohemian dress creations continue to have a profound effect on the fashion industry decades after her death. Madonna and Gwen Stefani were inspired by the style icon, and Jean Paul Gaultier dedicated her spring 1998 collection directly to her.

Her life was constantly plagued by tragedies, but he never ceased to create and search for the beauties of the world.

Get inspired by Frida Kahlo's iconic art and power even in the toughest of times!

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