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The colors of Valentine's Day: pink and red!

Fashion Fall/Winter Style Tips Valentin nap

Many thinks that the love runs the world. When Valentine's Day is coming a lot of people thinks differently about the topic. Some preparing excitedly the others think it's only a marketing trick.

In Szputnyik we think it's important to grab every moment to enjoy life and make the day colorful but not necessarily the way we usually do it.

It can be about the breaking of conventions like the fusion of pink and red.

Now we bring you a little teaser how to combine these two colors properly.

In the celebration of love what can dominate more than the vivid pink and red? But be careful. not every shade matches with each other!

With the proper planning you can make amazing creations but pay attention to the details!

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Rendkívüli közlemény

External Communication

The situation with the coronavirus also poses new challenges for us.

As a result, we are working hard to make work partly from home and to continue expanding our webshop inventory in the next few days.
Our operations are also undergoing a major transformation, and we will inform you below:
From today our shops are only open until 3pm.

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