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Be the part of the solution! - Plastic Free July

In recent years, the extent of pollution produced by our society has become an increasingly pressing issue and problem. Plastic-Free July tried to draw attention to this and encourage everyone to leave our harmful habits. 
We have a duty to do so on an individual level against the looming climate catastrophe, but this can only be effective if we change our lifestyles and consumption habits, not just in July, but throughout the year! 
 We’ve brought you some options to reduce your ecological footprint in the field of fashion as well and it’s important not to forget the importance of the topic during a pandemic either!

1. Vintage

One of the most important issues for Sputnik is to introduce our customers to the vintage feeling of life. In addition to their style and high quality, the value-resistant and timeless pieces reduce unnecessary overproduction and waste, which is characteristic of fast-fashion companies.

You can also turbocharge your bored clothes with small accessories so you don’t have to buy a new one. Even a sewn-on seamstress can lend your old denim jacket a completely different style!

2. Organic materials
Many people don’t think about it, but we can even come across the plastic that is suffocating the planet in our clothes. Avoid man-made fiber pieces, as in addition to being poor quality, specifically not skin-friendly, even the manufacturing process is extremely detrimental. 
Among our products you can also find rattan and cork accessories, which are more durable than their textile counterparts and their production also involves less pollution.
3. Replace!
Every change starts small, for example, that we no longer ask for plastic bags at checkouts, neither in grocery stores nor in clothing stores. Always have your own canvas bag on hand, in which you can take the purchased products home.
You don't have to give up on designer products, as you can already get super variations of these bags.
4. Environmentally conscious 
When choosing a new product, it is important to keep in mind its durability and impact on the environment. That is why we tend to recommend the technologically advanced world brands that have been present for decades, as their products are durable and their production can be said to be more environmentally friendly thanks to economical and gentle innovations. Choose our Birkenstock, Fjallraven, TOMS or PAEZ products! 

And if you would like to support small home designers, which will greatly reduce the pollution caused by transportation, try to choose from eco-conscious designers. An example of such a designer is the Smörgas brand, which can also be found here, which creates super fashionable and unique products from recycled materials.

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