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2020 Trends: Dots

Fashion Fall/Winter Style Tips Vintage

In 2020 many new trends will appear in fashion. The stripes, floral patterns and exciting colors will return just as the neon shades.

Vintage blouses from 6990 HUF

The leather-like materials will also return, but only the faux-leather to support the sustainable and ethical choices. You can also meet fringes, natural colors and amazing patterns and styles too.

Skirts from 7990 HUF

Skirts from 7990 HUF

Now we bring you one of our favorite trend full of nostalgia and romantic: the dots!

Scarves from 5990 HUF

In this year, there is no like too much. Cover yourself with the best pieces of this pattern.

Sunglasses from 3990 HUF

Necklaces from 2990 HUF

Socks from 1790 HUF

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