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Pride - Be Yourself!

We know that it is not easy to exist in daily conditions and to face new obstacles. This is what the Szputnyik's team is trying to help us with, trying to provide a small bubble where there is freedom, equality and everyone can be themselves. Our main goal is to emphasize that different is beautiful!

Pride collection

Pins, patches, fanny packs, T-shirts, socks, stickers - all in the name of diversity.

This year's Pride collection from Szputnyik is here to help you to be yourself, and it's made for everyone to be fulfilled!

Here you'll find everything from Pride pins and sequin glitter skirts to Born to be Equal T-shirts and everything you need to really shine at the 2022 Budapest Pride March on 23 July.

And, to whom do we recommend this march? To everyone who wants to live in a free, accepting and democratic country. Because equal rights are for everyone. Both on the streets and in politics!
Stand up for these principles yourself and show it for others.

Click here to see our full Pride collection, and here's a taste of some of the most colourful sets.


Be yourself! Be different!

Be colorful!

You can find the patterned shirts and the rainbow bucket hat on the webshop!

Sellő nadrág - Szivárvány

Mermaid pants Price: 7.990 Ft

Szivárványos táska

Totebag - Rainbow Price: 3.990 Ft

Vintage szett

Vintage shirt - Poppy Price: 7.990 Ft

Stop by the shop and be covered in rainbow glory. Enjoy the holiday and join us on 23 July, in the 27th Budapest Pride March