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We didn't forget about the guys - Brand new graphic t-shirts at Szputnyik

Sometimes men feel like we forget about them, but it's never the case! To prove it, we're here to introduce you our brand new men's t-shirt selection!

Új mintás pólók érkeztek a Szputnyikba!

Girls are not excluded either, since the t-shirts are available in various sizes, from S to XL, so they can find their own size, too! 

"Vincent! We happy?"

Our band t-shirts are very popular, so this year we decided to spice up this mini-collection with similar designs based on the most popular movies. If you have seen Baywatch and the episodes of Knight Rider  thousand times over the years, do the twist with Uma Thurman and John Travolta in Pulp Fiction, or hum along to the theme song of Twin Peaks, then visit our stores or shop online and get one from our limited edition movies tees.

Filmes és zenekaros tematikájú férfi pólóinkat is újratöltöttük!

Nature is our friend!

Our very popular banana t-shirts are back, and they have brought their friends in the form of other nature-inspired designs! Summery floral prints, vegetables and fruits are all available. Either you're into cacti or baby carrots.

Természet inspirálta - gyümölcsös, zöldséges és növényes - férfi pólók a Szputnyikban!


Cat Lords

Animal lovers are also in our hearts, so we have brought them our full-printed ca t-shirts along with other pretty animal-themed items. Bright and pastel colors are also represented. Find the many shades, styles and prints at our stores! 

Állatos férfi pólóink is várnak, hatalmas választkban!


The brand new T-shirts are available online here.


Find many more amazing designs in our online storeor visit our stores and browse our hundreds of printed men T-shirts!