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Here comes the SecondHand September!

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After the Plastic Free July here comes an other environmentally conscious campaign, the #SecondHandSeptember. The campaign's goal to reach that people do not buy any new clothes during September and reuse their existing pieces, rethink them or repair them.

Of course every people's life there are special events that require to buy new pieces but the campaign's ambassadors suggest to visit secondhand shops in the first place.

This campaign is trying to fight against the fast fashion's waste.

The amount of waste is getting unstoppable big from year to year. The campaign was started by Oxfam who says nearly 11 million products are taken to landfill a week.

There are many ideas because of Secondhand September to end to the wasting and now we sum shortly how can you make your wardrobe more environmentally conscious and sustainable.

1. Repair them!

In everybody's wardrobes a few clothes hide that are not wore for years because we lost one of their buttons, the zipper went wrong or a little hole appeared. After time we think about these pieces as useless clothes and the moment comes when we throw them away.
Let's be honest, none of them are unwarrantable just we have to spend about half hour to repair them and give new life to our old jeans and blouses.
Repair them because this way you can easily avoid to buy new clothes and get one step closer to a sustainable wardrobe!

2. Remake them!

If you're bored of your clothes but don't want to buy new ones or simply a new style caught you then here are few tips to how could you cheer up your old clothes.
Embroideries, patch, stickers, pins and other creative solutions are waiting for you to give new personality and life to your clothes.

3.Greenwashing - Is it worth to give our unused clothes to fash-fashion companies?

You can find many containers where you can pass your clothes in exchange of a voucher to the shop. Unfortunately it's a trap because they encourage you to buy new clothes from fast-fashion companies.

On the other hand, they take over too much used clothes but not able to recycle them this speed so finally they end up in the landfills again.

If you want to read more about greenwashing on The Guardian.

4. Do not throw the clothes away, donate them!

We can find people in need all over the world who are really grateful for a winter coat, a sweater or a pair of shoes. Also in our country. Search for the nearest clothes container, charity shop or organization and offer for them! It's important that these clothes should be also in good condition and be clean.

5. Buy secondhand clothes and vintage!

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