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Tribal Summer ~ Here comes our summer editorial!

Fashion Style Tips Spring/Summer New Arrivals

In our new summer campaign, we’ve brought you a cavalcade of colors, patterns and moods, fooled by the sparkling sunshine.

This year’s series of photos is dedicated to the beauty of ethno and tribal patterns. We have selected the most beautiful and special pieces of our vintage collection for you, where several pieces represent a fusion of traditional and modern style. 
A classic tribal pattern fooled by modern minimalism? You bet! We love it.

With the photo series, we want to draw attention to aspects that are important to us: such as environmental protection. The rather hopeless and difficult fate of the Earth is culminated in the overconsumption and negligence of modern societies, and we cannot forget about environmentally friendly, conscious consumption during a pandemic, as by failing to do so we will only jeopardize the survival of even more vulnerable areas.

In the campaign material, we wanted to draw attention not only to the environment, but also to the importance of equality, which receives a lot of attention in the summer months. Promote freedom and acceptance with the Szputnyik! 

Take care of our natural treasures, each other and immerse yourself in the refreshing summer! Visit our store or webshop for even more unique pieces!

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