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Sweater Weather! - New sweaters in store now!

The autumn has arrived so we have to forget the loose summer dresses and take out the warm sweaters from the wardrobe. But don't be afraid, we prepared to you with some freshing new sweaters to make the A/W season lively!

Don't you know what type of sweaters you want? Now we show you a few pieces that are inspiring you during the leaf fall.

In the new collection you can meet with many new types and designs that going to melt the hearts. The cute animal motifs, creative graphics and iconic symbols can't missed from it.

Minimal cuteness

If you need a simple and great pieces, our dark blue sweaters are waiting for you. Classic, simple design is matched with cool graphics that bring life-affirming and bohemian to the weekdays.

Creative graphics

The well-known and loved style is coming with new motifs. Thanks to the grey basic it's easily paired with other clothes and the colourful and funny patterns bring life to any sets.

The well-known pieces with a twist

They are the little sibling of the previous one but now the grey sweaters change into striped pices and give space to more creativity. Choose you favourite patterns and break the boring weekdays!

Short sweaters, long love

The classic designs is expanded with many lovely patterns: you can find cute animals, movie symbols and the best ideas of the designers. Their cool crop stye gives blood update to your sets.

Vintage masterpieces

The vintage selection hides many many treasures in only one-one piece to get the best timeless beauty for yourself. The marvels of global brands are standing in the line to become your favourite sweater of 2018.

If you feel irresistible desire to get one of these sweater then visit us in Szputnyik shops and also check our webshop!