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Szputnyik x Kultúrpresszó at VOLT Festival

During VOLT Festival, between 29 June and 2 July, your favorite Szputnyik clothes can be found in Sopron at Kultúrpresszó, which is not only the first cafe selling speciality coffee in the city but is also a place to find unique designer products. Visit them during the festival and party while wearing Szputnyik at VOLT Festival.

Every minute counts at music festivals, there are programs day and night. You don't want to miss anything but you're running out of energy? The solution is our favorite brown liquid: COFFEE. Let's be honest, festival coffee is not the best and the long lines filled with hungover party people are not making the situation any better. Do not settle for that, visit Kultúrpresszó! Discover the city center of Sopron and charge yourself with the most quality coffee and the most special pastries and get some unique Szputnyik clothes.

Kultúrpresszó is the city's most innovative spot, it's not only represented by the fact that they use newest technology and the best quality ingredients before anyone else, but they also sell selected designer products in the name of innovation and originality. Szputnyik shop's well known, popular clothes are some of these products.

Kultúrpresszó welcomes all tired festival people to fill them with fashion and caffeine so they can continue the party.

Sopron, Várkerület 96.
Nyitva/Open: H-Sze/Mo-We: 7:30- 20:00
Cs-Szo/Thu-Sat: 7:30- 21:00
Vas/Sun: 7:30 - 20:00

Our Budapest stores :

Budapest V. Március 15. tér 1.
Nyitva/Open: H-Szo/Mon-Sat 11:00 - 19:00
(2016. június 1 - szeptember 30.)

Budapest VII, Dohány utca 20.

Budapest VI, Király utca 22. (Káldy u.1)


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