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Szputnyik ShopPSMagazin - A Szputnyik shopnak hála idén kicsit tovább élvezhetjük a nyarat - We can enjoy this summer a little bit longer thanks to Szputnyik shop

Photoshoots Press PSMagazin

Their campaign channels 100% of the freedom we want to preserve from fun summer moments through chilly weather. Well, seeing the photos it's clear that Szputnyik shop's original and fun items will make self-expression and boundless fun easy to achieve this season as well.

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PS Magazin: Peti Puskas, the founding member of the Biebers also has a montage for you!

Interviews Giveaway Press PSMagazin

Szputnyik shop’s and PS Magazine’s joint #szputnyikwishlist giveaway is ending tomorrow. Let’s see what Peti Puskás, founding member of The Bieber thinks about Szputnyik!

Read more → - Sena is odavan a Szputnyikért!

PS Magazin: New vintage fan spotted: Sena loves Szputnyik too!

Interviews Giveaway Press PSMagazin

Our mini-interview series is coming to an end, since our #szputnyikwishlist Instagram giveaway is almost over. However, before the final rush, we will share the thougths of a super-characteristic singer, Sena, on vintage style and Szputnyik shop.

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PS Magazin: ''I live, perform and have sex in these''-Anna Pásztor swears by Szputnyik shop

Interviews Giveaway Press PSMagazin

There are a lot of cool guys who are into used and vintage clothing. Now about that, among other things, Anna Pásztor singer will talk to us whose extravagant style is to die for. Let's see how see wears must-have Szputnyik pieces!

Read more → - A Superstereo-s srácok is odavannak a Szputnyikért!

PS Magazin: The guys of Superstereo are also crazy about Szputnyik shop!

Interviews Giveaway Press PSMagazin

Our #szputnyikwishlist Instagram giveaway is on, and the thing is, we are not the only ones who are crazy about vintage and used clothing! We asked  Szputnyik-addict musicians, our first victims were the members of SuperStereo. They have created a cool montage for you.

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PS - #szputnyikwishlist giveaway

Giveaway Press PSMagazin

Vintage lovers know that the best treasures in Budapest can be found in Szputnyik shop. The brand has two stores in Budapest, the first one opened in 2009. They aim to form a new fashion concept, drawing attention to timeless fashion by offering new and vintage clothing.

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PS Magazin - Végletek találkozása az egyedi öltözködés jegyében

PS Magazin - Meeting of the extremes in terms of clothing

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Ever since Szputnyik shop has opened they are the only ones who keep proving that trends from the past decades have a lot to them even today for those who prefer stylish, unique clothing.

Read more → - KultFashion, bemutatkoznak a győztesek - KultFashion, here are the winners

Interviews Press PSMagazin Design competition

We are here to introduce the winners of Szputnyik and Trafó's joint T-shirt design competition. The competition started in may and the task was to create original, contemporary t-shirt graphic designs.

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PS Magazin - 2013. tél

PS Magazin - Winters issue 2013

Press PSMagazin

Szputnyik shop's winter 2013 editorial was shot by Ív & Candie. PS Magazine has also mentioned their collaboration.

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PS Magazin - Colors

PS Magazin - Colors

Fashion Press PSMagazin

Clothes in PS Magazin's Colors issue were provided by Szputnyik shop.

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