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Végkiárusítás - 1 napos last minute akció - 30 % minden termékre

Final sale - 1 day last minute sale - 30% on all products

Sale Szputnyik shop K22 Stores

Visit Szputnyik K22, located at 22. Király utca (Káldy u. 1.), and get your latest new and vintage pieces 30% cheaper as a farewell!

You can only choose from the entire stock of the store for 1 day, on June 29, from 12:00 to 20:00.
Password: Goodbye
Say goodbye to business with us and stay with us for an exciting future! 

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Press Szputnyik shop K22 Stores WeLoveBudapest

Szputnyik is found on Király Street as well, so now we have another place to go when looking for high-waisted jeans or Woodstock-inspired sunglasses.

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Bemutatjuk: Szputnyik shop K22

Introducing: Szputnyik shop K22

Events News Szputnyik shop K22 Stores

Szputnyik family's newest addition, Szputnyik K-22 has just arrived! Don't worry, if you haven't visited it during its opening weekend, now we will show you what you can find in 22 Király street!

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Egy kis werk a "legpestibb" utcából

A sneak peek into the most Budapest-like street

Events News Szputnyik shop K22 Stores

We've just revealed our biggest news at the moment, that our store at Bakáts square is moving to the heart of the city, Király street. We will now introduce that iconic location to you, and show you how Szputnyik crew is preparing for the grand opening on thursday.

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