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Wear the party all year long - Vintage purse selection from Szputnyik

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Ezért most elhoztuk nektek januári vintage táska ajánlónkat, ahol bemutatunk pár különlegesebb kincset, amik megbújnak az üzletekben.

The winter party and holiday season might be over, and all the decorations had been removed, you don't have to give up your  festive spirit! 

We always try to inspire you and show soimething new, so in 2018 we would like to inspire you to dress the way you would on a special day, even on a weekday!

For start, here's our vintage bag selection with the most unique and elegant pieces you can find!

Velvet embroidered purse: €12.85
(Find it HERE )

Black shell shaped purse with beads: €16.20
Pleated black purse on a golden chain: 
(Find it HERE)
Colorful furry purse 
€ 26.00
Colorful beaded purse: 

Beautiful, unique and sparkling vintage bags and purses from our online selection.

You can find the most unique pieces among our nostalgic bags and purses: beaded, embroidered clutches, leather pieces with exciting textures, and even furry bucket bags.

JOOP! black patent leather vintage purse: € 32.45 
Vintage mink with a zipped pocket: €19.45 
Faux crocodile leather purse: €25.73  
(Find it HERE)
Assymmetrical patent leather clutch: 19.45 

These pieces all represent and resemble a unique historic era.  

Brown leather backpack: € 29.20
Black backpack with brown lining: 
€  22.70
Vintage black leather bag: 
€ 42.20

The unique, emroidered and festive vintage pieces do not only stand for quality, but also radiate an exclusive and elegant vibe.  

The end of the Holiday season does not mean, that the party is over!

Be festive every day!

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