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The favorite characters of Halloween

Halloween is approaching, so everyone is burning with festive fever already. This event also has classic characters that can’t be missed on the scariest night of the year. 

Witches, monsters, ghosts, mysterious owls and we could even list the figures waiting for you in our webshop and shop to become the perfect complement to your costumes or even your casual wear.

One of the must-see figures in the Halloween culture is the black cat, which has been surrounded by strong superstitions at home for centuries. Many identify with bad luck, but we all know that they are just as lovable little animals as their counterparts of other colors.

Ugly on the surface, but inside ...? Don't let the brittle exterior fool you! Look for values for stigmatized characters!

They were set on fire by centuries ago, and now every little kid wants to be a boss. Isn't that ironic? Break down the taboos and hide in the skin of the boss for a night!

An entire generation grew up chanting the music of Ghostbusters. It was then that the shape of the spirits took on a whole new meaning and from awesome figures to a figure thirsting for understanding. Adore the spooky creatures and get your favorite creepy piece!

One of the most unrecognizable figures in the animal kingdom. He lives a night life, has been identified with a symbol of wisdom and there is something strange and inexplicable in the atmosphere surrounding him. Inability to resist them!
There are certain symbols and tickets built into pop culture that make everyone shudder. Watching gazes, ominous triangles, can we list more?

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