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Have a Zero Waste Christmas!

It's important to notice that Christmas is about the waste and over-consumption many times so here we are with a little guide how you can make your holidays zero waste and sustainable.


The idea is very simple: rethink the subjects around you to get brand new wrapping materials.

We promote for years that you should use vintage kerchiefs as wrapping papers to get a perfect gift that you can use as an accessory afterwards.

Now we collected a few more ideas what can you use as wrappings to celebrate the spirit of zero waste movement.

The list is quite long. If you choose little gifts, a practical purse can be a perfect gift box. It can be used as a cosmetic or makeup bag afterwards.

If you really want to follow the stream of sustainable life, you can choose a vintage totebag that represent real rarities, and after you can perfectly use it for shopping too.

Did you realize that a warm winter hat can be a perfect wrapping material? Hide in the little accessories, decorate the hat with a lovely bow and you sustainable and conscious gift is already done!