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TOMS shoes - The stylish sustainability

A new generation of fashion and sustainability has arrived to Szputnyik with the new collection of TOMS shoes. Now you can choose your favourites in a more colours and in a more sustainable way! Five new colours have arrived that not only open up new possibilities, but are even more sustainable than before. They contain even more recycled ingredients, but retain their previous form, a favourite with many.

A familiar shape, more sustainability! This is the essence of the new collection!

Their aim is to help local people and organisations to make a difference in their own immediate environment. They also care about the integrity of the planet, because they believe that everyone has a responsibility to look after the place where they live, and as a business with hundreds of employees, they see this as their responsibility. But fundamental change starts with people. They listen to their employees, their customers and their community, and they are determined to fight for equality and for everyone to have equal rights.

TOMS is not changing the world, but they are at the feet of people, who are!


TOMS believes in a future where all people start with equal opportunities. That's why they invest ⅓ of their profits in local grassroots communities that are making a difference at the local level.


They don't have all the answers, but they are committed to their customers, their employees and the planet, so they always look out for their best interests when making a decision. From the materials and suppliers they choose to the way products get to the customer, they weigh and consider every aspect.

The five new colours that have just arrived in our shop will all liven up our mood a little and take us out of our comfort zone. Try it yourself!

The iconic Alpargata-style TOMS shoes, now designed using eco-friendly materials to reduce their impact on the planet, while still retaining their familiar comfort. Try these shoes made from recycled cotton canvas and enjoy sustainable fashion.
  • The uppers and lining are made from 50% recycled cotton, which helps reduce waste going to landfills. So it uses less water and energy than traditional cotton.
  • Durable, flexible outsole that bonds directly to the upper with Direct Injected TPR construction for a seamless fit.
  • Unique TOMS comfort insole made from 50% eco parts (25% recycled PU foam, 15% recycled rubber, 10% bio-oil)
  • Elastic rubber upper for easy on and off
  • Part of the earthwise™ collection, a collection of products with the planet in mind

TOMS Recycled Cotton Canvas Shoes - Red

Price: 19.990 Ft

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TOMS Alpargata Stripes - Pink

Price: 21.990 Ft

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TOMS Classic Bonsai Green Heritage Canvas

Price: 19.990 Ft

TDo you like bonsai green? Buy it!

TOMS Recycled Cotton Canvas - Black/Black

Price: 19.990 Ft

Do you like if it is very black? Come and get it.

TOMS Recycled Cotton Canvas - Black

Price: 19.990 Ft

You think it is pretty? Buy it!

Alpargata Moroccan Crochet

Ár: 21 990 Ft

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