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Get the Top 10 treasures on webshop during Glamour-days!

Sale Events Glamour Days Fall/Winter

Október 11-én kezdetét veszi az ősz egyik legjobban várt eseménye, a Glamour-napok. Szédületes akciók és hatalmas kedvezmények várják a divat szerelmeseit, méghozzá a Szputnyik shopokban is!

On October 11, one of the most waited event is going to start: the Glamour-days. Exciting sales and huge discounts are waiting for the lovers of fashion, even in Szputnyik shops!

Until October 14. Sunday you can get the Szputnyik's treasures with 20% discount but not only in the shops, but also on webshop!

We show you why you should visit the Szputnyik shops during the fashion tour because both of our stores and our webshop keeps unique treasures for you.

Here comes our Top 10 from our webshop that cannot be missed from the Glamour-days!

10. Pin: instead of 990 HUF, only 790 HUF!

Funny, foxy pin is waiting for you to decorate your jackets and now you can get its girl pair in the stores. Follow the style of Mr. Fox and decorate your bags and jackets with the best pins!

9. Socks: instead of 1990HUF, now only 1590HUF!

You should not leave the colors in the autumn. Pimp your most basic outfit with these vibrating red socks and break the monotony.

8. Vintage scarf: instead of 2990 HUF, now only 2390HUF!

The scarves are living their renaissance. Get your own because none of the wardrobes can miss these soft and elegant accessories. You can vary in different ways: tie them into your hair, to you bag, wrist or around your neck and enjoy the autumn's chic!

7. Sweater: instead of 8990HUF, now only 7190HUF!

Everybody needs atleast one loose, comfy day a week. Get on your super comfy, hoody sweater and bring the home's warmth into the office.

6. Stony ring: instead of 1490HUF, now only 1190HUF!

In 2018 one of the trends is the color brown so you must get this unique, wooded ring to become the crown of your jewel box.

5. Velvet trousers: instead of 6990HUF, now only 5590HUF!

You don't have to leave from the velvet and the cream colors. Get one of these cute pants that not only beautiful but super comfy too.

4. Gymbag: instead of 8990HUF, now only 7190HUF!

If you want something more minimal then this faux-leather gymbag is going to be your new love. Uniwue textures and hologramed pocket guarantees the success.

3. Vintage fur: instead of 16.990HUF, now only 13.590HUF!

There is no 2018AW season without animal prints. Here is the time to prepare to the cold weather so choose this perfectly beautiful vintage faux-fur coat.

2. Dr Martens shoes: instead of 37.990HUF, now only 30.390HUF!

High quality with sale price? Now the newest collection of Dr. Martens boots and shoes are available with 20% discount! Get your own timeless treasures!

1. Fjallraven Kanken: instead of 28.990HUF, now only 23.190HUF!

Do you want a Kanken backpack a long time? Then here is the perfect time to get it with sale price. Choose the amazing Ochre color to bring warmth into the hearts in every seasons.

This is only 10 pieces from the few thousands of treasures that are waiting for you in shops and on webshop, so hurry up and get your favs with 20% discount!

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