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Spring tank tops at Szputnyik shop!

Közeleg a nyár, amikor ledobhatjuk dzsekijeinket, pulcsijainkat és végre hódolhatunk a napfényáradatnak. Ez pedig azt jelenti, hogy lassan eljött az ideje, hogy beszerezzük kedvenc trikóinkat is, amik feldobhatják a megjelenésünket.

Summer is coming, and it means to drop some layers and sunbathe. It's tome to get some tank tops that really express you and spice up your looks for the seasons to come.

Smooth pastels and unique prints await you in our newest tank top collection not to mention the cover of your favorite album or the cast of your number one series. You'll find the design fitting you the most at Szputnyik for sure!

Find all the spring/summer trends you might need at Szputnyik shop!

Sparkle in the sun!

Flitteres trikóinkban garantáltan szikrázni fogsz a napsugaraktól!

Sequins are an amazing trend during spring 2018 and we believe them to be forever. These sparkly sequinned tank tops are among our favorites for the upcoming season. A cleared out design with all the colors and vibrating energy of spring and summer.

Fekete trikók online

Black is a classic, why not get your favorite tank tops in that color? Check out our online selection!

Go, go flamingo!

A flamingó minta is már második éve az egyik kedvencetek, ezért mi sem, és a divatszakma sem fordult el tőle nagy örömünkre, hiszen a kecses, kis pink madarak rózsaszín álomvilágba repítenek minket.

It's the second year of the rule of flamingo prints, so we made sure to include them in our new selection. Fly with them into a pink daydream. Find our flamingo printed items and other cotton candy shades in our new collection. 

Állati trikók online

Check our webshop for all animal tops!

Super prints for super girls!

A trikók különlegessége, a számtalan egyedi mintán túl, hogy necc anyagból készültek, amitől igazán laza és stílusos megjelenésed lehet.

Flamingos are not the only cuties among our newest arrivals. These amazing designs are made of a net material, so they'll give your look a sporty and cool vibe. Unicorns, sweets and motivational quotes, what else would you need?

Necc trikócsodák a honlapon!

These net wonders are available here.

Don't be too serious!

Vicces, a popkulturára reflektáló trikóink is várnak!

Pop-culture is very close to our hearts, and we have included many great musicians and movie icons in our new collections! We know you want a David Hasselhoff tank top for spring! These pieces are perfect for anyone regardless their age or gender!

Popkulturális utalásokkal ellátott trikóink online

Get them right now online!

Our stores have a wide selection of printed tank tops, moreover, our webshop is packed with them also! Don't miss out, get one of these limited edition beauties now!