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There is no Autumn without the new collection of Fjallraven!

Fashion Fjallraven Kanken Fall/Winter Style Tips New Arrivals

The Autumn cannot start without the newest collection of Fjallraven products so we brought you a little preview.

In every year, the Swedish brand brings fresh innovations to the lovers of Scandinavian design just as in 2019. Fjallraven has returned with many new colors and patterns!

Fjallraven ReKanken Red

The well-known, recycled ReKanken now is available with a new color, the vibrating red that is  the favorite color of Autumn and Winter.

Rekanken Red: 29990 HUF

Kanken/ Kanken Mini Guacamole

First of all, let us mention a very new color in the collection. This is the lovely avocado green Kanken that makes the brand quite close to nature.

Kanken Mini: 26990 HUF

New color combinations

The new collection is excellent in the new color combinations and rethinking too. Get your favorite that matches the most to your wardrobe! 
The Ox Red- Goose Eye is the new type of the patterned straps.

Old colors, new styles

Kanken Mini Brick: 26990 HUF

More colors have returned that are known in the size of Mini but now they become available in Classic too.

Kanken Mini Ochre: 26990 HUF

 Fjallraven Foldsack No. 1.

Now a totally new version of Fjallraven bags is available in Szputnyik shops and this is the Foldsack No 1. It's the perfect choice if you need something very Swedish, like its quality and design but you would say goodbye to the quite popular piece like Kanken.

Fjallraven Foldsack No1. 39990 HUF

You can find nearly 40 different colors and styles in Szputnyik shops and on our webshop!

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