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Celebrate strong women with Szputnyik shop!

Fashion Events Nőnap Spring/Summer

On March 8 we celebrate the Women's day worldwide. But it hasn't been such in the start: in 1857 the women workers in New York has started a strike to fight for the equality between the genders.

Nowadays we also pay a lot of attention for the question of equality because we still cannot talk about it in the world after a long fight.

In 2019 one of the most important topic is the body positivity. It's important to accept ourselves as we are and work on the total acceptance of our body and our enviroment.

Our products represent the image of the rebel and strong women to encourage everybody to the self-realization.

Important women appeare from the history to show their lasting value to the whole world.

Let's celebrate the women, and show the eternal power of acceptance and equality with our products!

Search for more treasures in Szputnyik shops and check our webshop!

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