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Celebrate the Year of Pig with us!

In 2019 it's the Year of Pig according to the Chinese horoscope so we're trying to inspire you with a few outfits!

According to the horoscope this is the last animal sign so 2019 is going to be very productive and rich. If the Pig is hard-working enough and doesn't take off its eye about the finish line, the year is going to absolutely profitable.

We brought you the classic, pig motifs that you can wear as a cabala in the form of pins and patches. Catch the good luck with some of these little beauties!

The pins and patches are uniformly 990 HUF!

If you need a looser concept then wear the cute pastel pinks and corals in the year of Pig. Cheer up the winter grizzle and dive into the spring with these lovely colors!

Vintage blouse: 6.990 HUF
Sweater: 9.990 HUF
Hat: 4.990 HUF
Short: 6.990 HUF
Sunglasses: 3.990 HUF
Converse sneaker: 5.490 HUF
Little bag: 6.990 HUF

Vintage kimono: 22.990 HUF
Vintage dress: 6.990 HUF
Earrings: 1.490 HUF
Choker: 2.990 HUF
Vintage belt: 3.990 HUF

Catch the mysterious vibes of China with the red, gold and black colors and fly to the exotic lands thanks to our products. A few of well-choosen treasures make the outfit decorated enough to summon the beauty of geishas.

Vintage top: 4.990 HUF
Skirt: 6.990 HUF
Suspender: 3.990 HUF
Vintage Dr. Martens boots. 13.990 HUF
Sequined bumbag: 7.990 HUF
Earrings: 1.490 HUF
Sunglasses: 3.990 HUF
Hat: 3.990 HUF
Patch: 990 HU

Get your new cabala clothes from our webshop and shops and keep 2019 in success and happiness!