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Fashion Fenntartható Divat Spring/Summer New Arrivals Vintage

In our previous round-up you got a glimpse of the vintage accessories coming to our shop, and now you can get a taste of our clothes.

Vibrant colours, exciting summery patterns and the biggest global brands are lined up to make your wardrobe unique and eco-conscious.
Choose from both slim-fit and more fitted pieces to complete your set.
In the heat of summer, lightweight fabrics are the key to a look that's both wearable and stylish. Short shorts and skirts make for a feminine look, while men's wardrobes are electrified by extreme and unique shirts.
You don't have to miss out on a vintage feel on the waterfront either, as we've lined up swimwear brands such as Adidas, Nike and Speedo this year. If you're looking for a less sporty look for the waterfront, you won't be disappointed either, with our inimitable patterned swimsuits.
And we can't forget about summer evenings, where our vintage whispery sweaters and linen long pants will keep the heat on so the party never ends!

Scroll through our gallery for all the new arrivals and look for the products in our Dohány Street store!

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