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Floral-fruity-foody-socks are here! - Feed your eyes!

Colourful and smelling socks arrived in the shop. But not THAT way. In a fruity, floral, sushi, foody kind of way. Our socks will make you want to open up too. Spring is coming and with it comes colour and flowers. But you'll also get to wear edgy food on your ankles. But if your tummy isn't your first priority, don't despair, because there are pet-friendly pieces too, with a focus on kittens. Come along and choose your ugliest or cutest socks. It's sure to cheer you up when you're out and about!

Bloom and wait for spring with colourful plants on your feet. If you can't go a minute without sunshine and you're longing for the meadows to bloom, get one of our colourful floral socks to add some colour to your wardrobe. Maybe soon the weather will match. It'll certainly lift your spirits.

They are blooming on the legs this way

You'd love a cute animal to pop out under your trousers and adorn your ankles, don't hesitate. Choose one of our super sweet animal socks. We have kittens, dogs, bears, pigs, everything you can imagine. Because we always need a little cuteness. 

Cute bunnies pop up above the shoes

Do you love to eat and would you show it to everyone? Are you always thinking about food and wondering what you're going to cook when you finally get into the kitchen? Complete your culinary experience with a food sock. That way you'll never have to go completely without food, and a little piece of food will always be with you on your feet. Sushi, donuts, ice cream, served with a glass of wine or a latte. Nothing better, right?

Ice cream on the legs. Would you lick it?

Come to Szputnyik Shop, because it is full of with many good goods. Not just these socks are gonna wait for you, but many other cool spring clothes too. 

Check the Webshop too, it is full of with many colorful spring treasures, too.