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Wear the Spark

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Refresh your wardrobe with the ageless items reflecting your style!

Although being lost in the newest trends is tempting but the set-up of the self-expressive items means a great challenge. Have you ever thought of wearing classical items? Let’s try elegance. Why not?
If you look for real specialties for the evening party, dinner or theatre, choose the unique garments and accessories of Szputnyik Shop and mark yourself out from the crowd. If you have not done it yet, join the ‘Slow Fashion’ movement and be conscious. Vintage represents value, the quality and the working-out of these old clothes is unique. Choose the contemporary eco-trend, vote for sustainability, recycling and the creative, reconsidered items. The Szputnyik Shop is a fashion definition made by the combination of old and new styles. Our visitors can find special, limited number new items besides the unique, well-quality vintage garments and accessories. The stock includes different ages, styles and trends starting from the 1920s till nowadays. The aim of the first Szputnyik editorial of 2013 is to give inspiration to find your best form and to sparkle in the winter parties.
antik dívány
wear the spark
hozd a formád
hozd a formád
hozd a formád
hozd a formád
hozd a formád
Photo: Dávid Ajkai
Creative/Styling: Kissmark 
Stylist assistant: Vanda Galgóczy
Make Up: Elvira Szabó
Hair: Zsanett Fabián
Models: Avantage models: Fanni, Vanda, Alex
Interior design: LinSzu
Location: Pintér Antik