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How to make your Christmas environmentally conscious? We will show you!

We also consider it important to draw attention to overspending, waste and unnecessary waste generation during the Christmas period, so we have prepared a short guide for you on how to make Christmas shopping and preparation more environmentally friendly and conscious. 

The zero waste movement has gained wings over the past few years to end or at least slow down the climate change that threatens our planet. The movement’s creed is that we can live our daily lives virtually without producing garbage, all it takes is a few lifestyle changes. 

We’ve just brought you a few super practical and simple examples of how you can save trash from Christmas presents. Here are some tips for an eco-friendly Christmas: 

1. Rethinking materials 

The idea is slapped simple: rethink the role and function of the objects in your environment, endow them with new interpretations so that you can use them differently in the future.

For example, use our wonderful custom vintage shawls as packaging, as after the gift, it doesn’t land in the trash, but can be the wedge of your wardrobe. You can even use smaller bags, gym bags and socks for packaging!

2. Don't throw it, turbocharge it! 

Give badges and sew-ons that best suit your loved ones' personalities, with which they can easily transform their old clothes that are already bored or in need of repair!

3. Choose an ethical world brand! 

In Szputnyik you can meet countless ethical world brands that, thanks to their excellent quality, will accompany you during your adventures for years, so you can plan for more than just one season with them.

In addition to the Scandinavian Fjallraven, you can also find Native, Many Mornings and Dr. Martens products. Choose vegan spending for a more livable future!

4. Donate! 

As Christmas approaches, many people donate to those in need. In Sputnik you can find donation boxes all year round, thanks to which you can support the Down Foundation, the St. Francis Animal House, the Hungarian Ornithological Society and the Forbidden Radio, and in return you can choose unique little things, even as a Christmas gift.

+1 Gift certificate! 

If you are unsure whether the gift recipient would be happy with the gift of your choice, or whether the size, color, style will be good, then we have brought you an eternal trump card: the gift certificate. Choose an amount that you like and let your loved one plunge into the treasure hunt in Szputnyik!

For more environmentally conscious and sustainable treasures, browse our webshop or visit our store in Szputnyik!