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Zoom Frida Kahlo mintás maszk
Zoom Frida Kahlo mintás maszk
Zoom Frida Kahlo mintás maszk
Zoom Frida Kahlo mintás maszk

Mask - Frida Kahlo IV

2.990 Ft
Color: grey

Hurry, Only 2 Left!

Please note that our masks provide only partial protection!
The use of a mask does not protect against coronavirus as it is not a substitute for special protective equipment. It is recommended, especially for those who may already be sick (with any type of upper respiratory or other viral / bacterial infection) and do not want to infect their healthy peers.
Their general characteristics:
  • Eco-friendly reusable, washable face masks.
  • The product can be washed and sterilized at 60 degrees.
  • With proper cleaning (washing, ironing), it can be used multiple times for up to several months, making it cost- and environment-friendly.
  • The universal size is suitable for both women and men
  • Ironing: 100-200 degrees Celsius
  • Spin and tumble dry.
  • Useful for prevention for those who want to at least protect their noses and mouths.

Two-layer textile mouth mask:

  • Multi-layered face mask, can be hung around the neck, so it's always at hand. 
  • At the nose, it can be adjusted to the shape of the nose saddle, with stiffening.

Mask - Frida Kahlo IV

2.990 Ft