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A sneak peek into the most Budapest-like street

Where will our new store be?

We've just revealed our biggest news at the moment, that our store at Bakáts square is moving to the heart of the city, Király street. We will now introduce that iconic location to you, and show you how Szputnyik crew is preparing for the grand opening on thursday.

You can either be young, old, local or foreigner there is no way you're not going to fall in love at first sight with the street crossing through the city center, Király street. You can eat, sleep and shop there, or just enjoy the beautiful classicist architecture of Budapest. Colorful crowd by day, filled with restaurants, teahouses, bars and shops, Budapest's party centrum by night. Gozsdu court, a passage opening from Király street, is a must for foreigners and a haunt for locals in Budapest's nightlife. As soon as the weather gets warmer, partying youngsters invade the most budapestian street, be one of them, and drop by us, in 22 Király steet on your way.

How will the new store look?

As you can see, our new location is much more spacious than the previous one, and thanks to the huge windows, you can even sunbathe while browsing through Szputnyik treasures. The interior could be described as cleared-out eclecticism, just as you could see and love in Szputnyik D20. The atmosphere will be different, in order to provide a unique experience, whichever store you chose to visit.

We can turn even huge venues into cosy locations! The devil's in the details! Our creative solutions will make your visit even more exciting, since there's always something new, retought objetct to discover that are just as inspiring as our clothes!

We believe in sustainability! You can see that by our huge collection of vintage garments and by our interior consisting of vintage furniture. It won't be any different in 22 Király street either! We use a lot of wooden elements and collected vintage furniture so that the new store can have a unique atmosphere filled with history!

We hope that you are excited, and you'll love the new store as much as we do!

See you on Thursday, 7th of may!