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TOMS Pop-up in Szputnyik K22

What if buying a new pair of shoes would make you, and someone in need happy at the same time?

With the One for One policy of TOMS, whenever you purchase a pair of original TOMS shoes a child in need is given a pair as well. In most cases these children would never have their own shoes if it wasn't for you.

Shoes are not the only way with which the company aims to help those who need it the most. They provide controlled and ethical workplaces for the ones living in poverty. TOMS was established in 2006, and since then fashion-, and socially conscious people were able to help more than 35 million children. Now, you can become one of them, since Szputnyik Shop brings you the comfortable and practical TOMS shoes!

Szputnyik Shop is against mass production, and stands for clothes with meaning and soul, therefore it comes naturally that we join those stores that sell TOMS shoes in Hungary! Now it is time to show that fashion and conscious style is much more than a shallow pastime, since you can make your and someone else's life better even by purchasing a pair of shoes.

Szputnyik shop K-22VI. Budapest, Király u . 22. (Káldy u. 1.)
M-Sat: 11:00-21:00

The entrance is in Káldy street, in front of Gozsdu udvar

+36 1 215 3475

Come and fall in love with the unique design, fabrics and style of TOMS shoes during the one month long TOMS Pop-up store, between 27 July and 29 August, in Szputnyik K22. Choose your favorite and be as happy with it as the child who will be helped thanks to you.