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Days became shorter, nights became colder, and our to-do-list became much busier. Autumn is the time to say farewell to the freedom of summer, welcome the dull everydays and start preparing for the long and cold winter. That's not the case for us!

Realise that it's up to you! You can either loose yourself to the bittersweet nostalgy, or notice the unique beauty and advantages of autumn! Layer up! This is the time for creative dressing, since surviving the heatwave is no longer you only goal.

Dare to be colorful! Choosing bright and patterned pieces will help you deal with the loss of energy autumn brings you. Help us show that autumn doesn't have to be dull!

A good coat can serve you for years, and can always be up to date if accessorised correctly. Now you can find countless styles and colors at Szputnyik, what's more, since they're vintage, you can trust them to keep you warm, they have a lot of experience!

Whatever the season, one thing is forever: enjoy what you're wearing, so that you can ejoy everything you do in them!

For us, autumn isn't about passing, but about changing! Add a dash of bohemian festival style to your everyday look, and recycle you favorite summer pieces!

Don't forget to accessorise! They keep your looks uptaded, just like they did all summer long. You don't have to worry about the tricky autumn weather riuning your looks either, if you choose to wear a hat!

The changing of the seasons is always a painful reminder of how quiclky time passes, it also reminds us, however, that it's time to shop for new, suitable clothes!

If you are redy to move on from summer and follow us into autumn, then our vintage treasures and newest trends are at your service, so you can do so the most creative way possible!

We know that it's hard to get inspired these days with summer memories still echoing inside your head, so we created this lookbook to help you find the positive side of the upcoming season!

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