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We feel like going back to the future!

Szputnyik shop is ready to welcome Marty McFly! More than 25 years after the Back to the future cult movies were released, we travelled back to the past with this photoshoot, so we would be able to join Marty on his way back to the present. Since this is not an ordinary place, in our world, 2015 is not so much different from the one portrayed in the 1989 movie! Come and see it for yourself!

We bring you timeless fashion! Either you choose from our new, limited designs, or our vintage treasury, there's one thing you can be sure of: your outfit will rule longer than the current trends!

The further you look into the past for inspiration, the more effect you have in the present! We have plenty of eras to choose from when it comes to the Back to the future movies, and our vintage collection allowed us to find the perfect pieces for all of them, which, by the way, await you at our stores!

It's hard to choose a favorite, since all fashion eras have that one thing we love, and want to preserve for the future!

We love movies at Szputnyik, and we are aware of the effect that a cult piece can have on fashion!
Welcome Marty McFly with us, by choosing something from your favorite fashion era!

,,Roads...Where we're going, we don'tneed roads ..."

Thank you for choosing us in the past and see you in the near future!

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